We love The Rocket City and want you to as well.  Our goal is to provide an insider’s guide to all things Huntsville so that whether you’ve lived here all your life or moved to the area last month, you’ll know what’s happening as well as the stories behind it all.

Huntsville is a city most Americans have never heard of, yet it was indispensable in beating the Soviets to the moon and is now leading the way toward a future mission to Mars. Huntsville keeps the world safe from ballistic missiles and protects our soldiers from the latest tactics ISIS employs to try to kill them. According to one cyber security expert, it’s second only to Washington, D.C. when it comes to espionage attempts. It is not the kind of place most people envision when they think of Alabama.

In addition to it’s technological accolades, it has one of the most unique cultures of any city in the southeast. From craft breweries to space camp, from food trucks to world-class dining, from early morning hikes at Monte Sano to night hangouts on the square, the Rocket City represents the convergence of numerous and varied influences that have created a place people from all corners of the country have wanted to call home.