We love The Rocket City and want you to as well.  Our goal is to provide an insider’s guide to all things Huntsville so that whether you’ve lived here all your life or moved to the area last month, you’ll know what’s happening as well as the stories behind it all.

Most Americans have either never heard of Huntsville, AL or (if they have) know very little about what goes on here.  But to paraphrase Ron Burgandy, we’re kind of a big deal.  Huntsville was indispensable in getting the U.S. to the moon before the Soviets and is now leading the way in preparing for a future mission to Mars.  Redstone Arsenal houses the U.S. Army Material Command, the Army’s Aviation and Missile Command, the Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency, and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.  Huntsville develops rockets to keep the country safe from Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, builds missile shields to protect our troops and our allies from medium range threats, keeps up with operations of the International Space Station, and researches next generation systems to make sure our military is always on the cutting edge.
Even non-defense companies are figuring out how great Huntsville is.  Remington  recently opened a new manufacturing plant.  Both Toyota and Mazda have decided to build a joint production facility in Huntsville.  Facebook is opening a data center, and Aerojet Rocketdyne will be manufacturing awesome components for airplanes and missiles here by the end of 2019.  Like our mayor, Tommy Battle said, “Whether you want to go to the supermarket, to the moon, or mars, you turn to us.  In Huntsville, we make things go.”

Beyond the fantastic job opportunities, Huntsville has one of the most unique cultures of any city in the southeast. From craft breweries to space camp, from food trucks to world-class dining, from early morning hikes on Monte Sano to late night hangouts on the square, the Rocket City is the convergence of numerous and varied influences that have all come together to create a place that people from all corners of the country (and around the world) have wanted to call home.  Where else can you find an old 171,000 sq ft cotton mill that has been converted to a creative space for artists?  Where else can you find an old stove factory that’s becoming a creative space for culinary artists?  Where else can you find an old middle school that is now a brewery, bar, and event center?  The answer is nowhere.

Huntsville is a special place and it’s getting better every single day. We want to be your guide to the city’s past, it’s present day, and prepare you for what’s coming in the future.